2017 China Film and TV Conference is held in the UK and France

20 Jun 2017

Propeller TV co-organized the 2017 “China Film and TV Conference” on behalf of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. During the series of Conferences in Edinburgh, London and Paris, representatives from China’s film, TV and publishing industry promoted, exchanged and connected with UK and French counterparts. 

Building on the success of the previous Conference in 2015, Propeller TV has brought the China Film and TV Conference back to the UK for another year. This year’s Conference was also opened in France for the first time, with the support of Mandarin TV in Paris. CEOs, directors and representatives from 15 industry-leading Chinese companies include those from B&T Animation, Beijing Hairun Pictures, Beijing Motie Books, Guoyun Culture, Perfect World Pictures, Wink Media, Ciwen Media, HLBN Film&TV, Capital Copyright Industry Alliance, Dream East Cultural Entertainment Group, Youku Tudou Inc., HS Entertainment Group Inc., Glarelink Media, and Xiking Culture and Media.

The event gained widespread support from Chinese, UK and French governments as well as from various creative industry organizations. Amongst the 200 attendees, the conference welcomed some distinguished guests including the Mr Li Wei, Director of the Party Committee of Beijing Municipal People's Congress; Mr Liu Xiaoming, the Ambassador of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the U.K.; Mr Pan Xinchun, Chinese Consulate-General in Edinburgh; Mr Michael Charlton, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at Department of International Trade (DIT); Councillor Frank Ross, Lord Provost of Edinburgh; Madam Helen Moonie, Provost of South Ayrshire; Mr Jean Claude Mariani, President of Tourism Committee in Paris; And Mr Frédéric Chau, French-Chinese actor.


[Caption:] Teaser trailer of participating Chinese films, TV series, Documentaries and Animation. Broadcasted on Propeller TV SKY189 everyday 8-10pm during the 3 month exhibition season.

The Conference launched the 3 month exhibition season of Chinese Film and TV programs on Propeller TV (UK) and Mandarin TV (France). Award winning Chinese films, TV series, animation and documentaries were chosen by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television to participate in the exhibition and broadcasted to western audiences. During the Conference, Chinese production and publishing companies also gave presentations about their work and recent projects to an audience of western industry representatives interested in working with China.

 VIP attendees at the China Film and TV Conference in Edinburgh pose for a photo with the Chinese delegation.

The first part of the China Film and TV Conference series started at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh. Recent years have witnessed an acceleration of cooperation and partnerships in arts and culture between Chinese and Scottish film and TV production. Director Li Wei, representing the Chinese government gave an opening speech along with the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Provost of South Ayrshire and Consul-General Pan Xinchun. The Chinese delegation gave presentations about their company and introduced Scottish attendees to their recent projects before networking with all the major film and TV industry organizations of Scotland. Rosie Ellison, Film Commissioner at Film Edinburgh expressed that Scotland is already experiencing the benefits of international film partnerships to tourism, culture and local film production industries. Mr Li Guoxin from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television agreed that China and Scotland have more opportunities for cooperation and is keen to start serious talks immediately. Representatives of Creative Scotland, Film Edinburgh and other organizations were pleased to receive an invitation to visit Beijing and participate in next year’s creative industry festivals and exhibitions. 

Propeller TV Managing Director Mr Ye gives a speech at the China Film and TV Conference in London.

The second part of the series was held in London at One Great George St. in Westminster. The afternoon session was dedicated to the film and TV industry roundtable meeting, for experts from both countries to discuss topics on China-UK film and TV co-productions. The proceeding evening conference was opened by Director Li Wei, who started his speech by paying tribute to the families of the recent London Bridge attack. He hoped Chinese and British films and TV companies can use pictures to promote world peace and mutual understanding. Director and Chief Investment Officer at (DIT) Mr Michael Charlton expressed his high expectations for China-UK film and TV cooperation, "The combination of storytelling capability, creative talent and technological excellence makes the UK a great place to make productions, for both film and TV, and to do business. I hope this visit will help to develop new projects and build on the success I have already described today."  Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming also agreed “The creative industries, the film and TV industry in particular, are fast becoming a new growth point in China-UK cooperation. This China-UK Film and TV Conference is one of the best examples”. The delegation and attendees enjoyed the ‘Night of Beijing’ networking drinks reception for the rest of the evening.

Propeller TV Managing Director Mr Ye and Director of Mandarin TV Ms Chen sign the strategic partnership MOU.

The final Conference in Paris was organized with the support of French TV channel Mandarin TV. Opening speeches from Mr Li Guoxin, representing the Beijing Government, along with Mr Jean Claude Mariani, President of the French Tourism Committee and Mr Wang Wei representing the Chinese Embassy in Paris, continued the underlying theme of the Conference which is to foster more cooperation and partnerships in film and TV production. The highlight of this Conference was the signing of the new partnership between Propeller TV and Mandarin TV. Both TV stations agreed to form a joint ‘Oriental Theatre’ showcasing the most up to date, award winning and exciting film and TV productions from China. Mr Andy Ye, Managing Director of Propeller TV and Ms Chen Chen, Director of Mandarin TV signed the strategic partnership MOU, witnessed by Chinese and French government representatives. During their time in Paris, the Chinese delegation visited the offices of Film France to learn about the wealth of opportunities encouraging foreign productions in France. 

The Conference was a great success and proved to be highly fruitful for all participants.  At the London event, Managing Director of Propeller TV Mr Andy Ye expressed his thanks for the support from the Chinese and UK governments as well as from the participating companies. He hoped that “this Conference creates some new inspiration for UK and Chinese companies in the film and TV industry to connect and cooperate on even more cross-country projects”.