Golden Week Review: Prestat

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Receiving chocolates is always great, especially when you have the pleasure of reviewing them. Propeller TV received some chocolates to sample from Prestat, a London-based chocolatier with a unique and colourful history. Established in 1902, and noticed over the century by big-names such as Roald Dahl, Prestat is an established name in the chocolate making industry, and carries a great respect amongst not only people in the business, but customers and chocolate connoisseurs also.

Firstly, the packaging for the chocolates is worth mentioning, particularly for those looking for purchase these chocolates as a gift. The boxes we received, the Heart Assortment and a small sample box, both come in a stunning pink. This makes the boxes visually striking, but also lends a delicate and almost feminine feeling to the products, and coupled with the unique heart-shaped design, we can see this making a perfect gift for an anniversary or special occasion. The boxes are embossed with glossy gold text and designs, adding a touch of elegance and luxury. What particularly stood out to us about the boxes was, in fact, the hand-made quality they gave off. Whilst being elegant and luxury, the boxes definitely felt like love had been put into making each one, chinese to uk which made the boxes seem more personal and thoughtful.

Now, the main event, the chocolates themselves. Firstly, the chocolates are visually appealing in all the right ways. Whilst they look elegant and luxury in themselves, once again, the hand-made aesthetic really shines here, and really exudes the sense that each chocolate is handmade and delicately crafted. Whilst we keep going on about this visual element, it really makes a difference to the overall experience of the chocolates, and we love it!

The chocolates range from standard truffles to more interesting combinations. We sampled several, and for the purposes of keeping this review short and sweet, we’ll highlight some of the most notable.

Firstly, Prestat aren’t afraid to experiment with bold flavours, some of which might not be to everyone’s taste. For example, the Milk Saffron and Ginger Fudge variety divided our office, with some being all for it, and others shying away from the strong ginger taste. However, this is why I think Prestat chocolates are great, in that they explore bold flavours, and make for a unique and interesting gift. Dark Passion Fruit and Dark Violet Crème were other bold flavours we enjoyed, and we liked how they pushed our expectations of chocolate.

But don’t fret if you’re a little scared of going bold, because Prestat includes the classics, and boy do they shine! From their Dark Rose Crème to Chocolate Truffle, it is obvious that Prestat are good at what they do and know just how to execute a classic. Similarly, they felt indulgent but also not too heavy, with some of the fruit flavours lending the chocolates a more delicate taste.

Overall, the chocolates were definitely bold, but certainly loved. We enjoyed how the flavours challenged our taste buds, and how there was a good mixture of both exciting and different, and classic and comfortable. The whole experience can be summed up with a phrase I’ve used several times in this short review – hand-made. The chocolates feel full of love and skill, as does the design and overall aesthetic, making it a perfect heartfelt gift to a loved one.

And what’s even better is, Propeller TV has a box to give away to a lucky winner! Want to know how? Check out our Facebook, where you can find more information on how to win.