Propeller TV shares some of Fu Yuanhui's 'mystic energy'

24 Aug 2016
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Propeller TV goes viral with a little help from the lovable athlete Fu Yuanhui!

In a translated video posted on 8th of August, Fu Yuanhui charmed social media with her endearing reaction to her own result. As of this week, the video garnered over almost 1.5 million views, with thousands of reactions, comments, and shares. Commenters fell in love with the athlete, calling her their inspiration and saying she was one of the best athletes to appear in the Olympics.

The content, translated by the Propeller TV social media team, was not only shared on Facebook, but it also saw media attention worldwide, with respected outlets such as Huffington Post, The New York, and The Sun all sharing the content. The translation was even borrowed by other outlets and used in their original videos, with the unique translation of 'mystic energy' being picked up by various news outlets.

Following Fu Yuanhui's break-out popularity in the West, Propeller TV has reached out to the star for comment.